M&P Shield IWB


TAC PRO Kydex inside the waist band holster.

*TAC PRO holsters are manufactured using a precision forming process developed by TAC PRO Inc.
*Precision forming creates holsters that are extremely consistent in fit and finish, with uniform thickness throughout the holster.
* Edges are finished on our custom built edge finisher and are smooth and precise for comfort and appearance
*Made from .093" thick Kydex 100 for maximum durability and perfect fit
*Shirt guard keeps shirt out of holster for easy re-holstering
*Open muzzle design allows use of pistols with extended barrels
*Smooth, effortless draw while still maintaining excellent retention
*User adjustable retention
*User adjustable cant from vertical to 15 degrees
*Nylon clip for secure grip on belt
*Stainless steel screws with black oxide coating

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