TAC MAN Targets

Obsima Technology of Norway is now the European distributor of TAC MAN targets. This will allow our European customers to purchase targets and have them delivered at a much lower cost than purchasing from Canada.Find out more

Ambidextrous cheek rest for M14

At the request of many customers, we have developed an ambidextrous cheek rest for M14/M1A rifles. This will replace the side-specific cheek rests.Find out more

Ambidextrous cheek rest for M14

TAC PRO® Kydex® cheek rests for M1A/M14 rifles are now available from Furlton Armory.Find out more

Light holsters

TAC PRO® Kydex® holsters are made from .125" thick Kydex® and allow draw tension to be adjusted to personal preference by turning two tension screws. The holsters also have an integral detent that locks onto the light to provide additional security.

Light holsters are available to fit Glock models 17, 19, 22 and 23 with Insight Technologies M3/M6 lights or Surefire X200 and X300 lights.Find out more