TAC MAN targets were invented as a direct result of an enlightening experience during a combat tour in Lebanon. During this experience, it was discovered that momentary “brain freeze” can occur as a result of the abrupt transition from paper training targets to live targets, during a first surprise attack by the enemy.

During research on the subject of armed encounters, it became apparent that most deaths of police officers occur in the first armed encounter where the officer is surprised by the attack.

Since surprise attacks can occur in military, law enforcement and everyday civilian encounters, TAC MAN targets were invented to bridge the gap between paper and live targets by making training more realistic. This more realistic training is intended to reduce or eliminate the short “brain freeze” that occurs after the surprise, enabling the attacked to respond more quickly and with authority.

• Molded , super tough polymer withstands thousands of hits
• Anatomically, proportionally and politically correct
• Scoring is done on a push-in paper scoring sheet (no patching of holes required)
• Integral mounting tabs allow mounting almost anywhere a paper or cardboard target
would normally be used
• Can be dressed in clothing for added realism
• Averaged measurements for ranging through sniper rifle scope
• Staple-on repair sections make target look new
• Light enough to be used on most pop-up or turning target systems
• Ideal for testing paintball guns. Just wipe clean and start with a fresh target each time.

• Head Size: 6.7" x 8.5"
• Width At Shoulder: 18"
• Top Of Head To Waist: 29"
• Overall Height: 34.5"
• Weight: 1.6 LBS.


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 TAC MAN 3D Target   TAC MAN 3D Target   TAC PRO Inc.   5.00   3D-TM   $39.95  Buy Now 
 TAC MAN face replacement   TAC MAN face replacement   TAC PRO Inc.   0.20   3D-R   $5.95  Buy Now 
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