OWB Holsters

TAC PRO® Kydex holsters are manufactured on precision machined moulds that very closely follow the contours of the weapon the holster is intended to fit. This precise fit produces a holster that grips the weapon securely while allowing a smooth draw. TAC PRO® Kydex holsters do not allow the weapon to rattle in the holster as do lower quality holsters.

All TAC PRO® Kydex holsters have the following features:

  • Precision molding detail for perfect weapon-to-holster fit
  • Smooth, round, machined edges
  • Ergonomically curved belt tunnel or paddle for all-day comfort
  • Eh-symmetric belt tunnel and paddle designed to tuck the grip of the weapon towards the body for maximum concealment
  • Two tension adjustment screws for fine tuning draw retention
  • Optional hammer strap for added security

Custom Kydex holsters and features are available with minimum quantities. Contact us for details.

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